Congratulations to David Simpson and Neal Davis for Winning $7000 with a two day total of 47.89 pounds. BCST will be back for 2014 !!!! I want to thank all who joined us this year and looking for bigger and better in 2014.


It is with regret that I have made the decision to skip a year with Bass Champions Senior Tour.  We have some exciting things happening with potential sponsors and timing is everything. Unfortunately things are taking longer than we had anticipated. Instead of rushing to put together a program this late in the year, we will take our time and put together a strong program for the 2015 season.

 The 2015 season will start in Jan and the Championship will be in May, with a kickoff event scheduled in December 2014. As soon as the sponsors are locked down, I'll put out a schedule and start advertising and posting it on all websites and in magazines and newspapers to see if we can't get an even larger turnout.

 Tentatively, I'm thinking of doing one or two Open Senior Tournaments during this year in addition to the Kick Off open.  The Opens will have a guaranteed $1000 First Place regardless of number of boats.   There will be a Big Bass payout of $1000 provided we get at least 14 boats.  21 boats will add 2nd Big Bass of $500.